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BoomerBaby will help your company manage the life cyle of a Medicare-eligible individual without having to be heavily involved.

Every year millions of Americans become eligible for Medicare. Let us do the work.
Brokers have a trusted concierge Medicare resources to ensure clients get the expert Medicare guidance needed at every step.

We educate Medicare eligible individuals about the benefits, requirements, and deadlines of Medicare and help them review health insurance options available to them both through their company and separately on the individual Medicare market.

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How we do what we do …


Our expert Medicare advisors educate employees on all things Medicare, including important information such as how Medicare coordinates with employer plans, types of Medicare plans, and Medicare enrollment periods and deadlines. We help you turn 2-hour conversations into a thing of the past.


Our plan recommendation technology and expert Medicare advisors help Medicare-eligible individuals navigate the Medicare maze and find insurance plans that best fit their needs. Personalized recommendations are based on the individual’s unique needs.


We ensure the process is efficient, easy and accurate. And we’ll close the loop with you. Once the individual is enrolled in Medicare coverage, we notify your team on the effective date.

Lifecycle & Retention

We provide continuous Medicare education along with an annual enrollment tool that helps ensure individuals are matched with the best fit plan as their needs may change.